About Us

In Sarobey Clothing we rescue global bohemian, indie and retro fashion.

Sarobey is a global new and gently used clothing store that provides hope in the eyes of the eco-conscious, pro-environmentalist and the globalist.

Our goal is to support local and international apparel and textile communities through ethical fashion. Formerly Unfit Culture by Mia A Irizarry, the store originated from exhibition booths at small cultural events in the suburbs of Dallas Texas in 2011. Sarobey emerges from the growing awareness of the impact apparel and textiles life cycles have to the world, under the vision that the Planet is one cohesive place where we depend one another.

From her proud origin Puerto Rico, the name Sarobey comes from the island’s native tongue, Taíno, meaning “cotton”. Mia’s passion for exotic, authentic, one of a kind fashion has sharpened her eye to handpick unique new and second hand clothing and accessories from the best kept secret bazaars, thrift and resale shops, and well-hidden vintage stores.

FAO Dawn Joy Fashions Turtleneck Dress Sarobey

Sarobey Clothing also strives for collaborations

with local and international artisans and handcraft workshops located around the world who through sustainable processes seek self-expression using natural, organic and raw materials to hand craft one of a kind, ethnic eco-friendly apparel.

Sarobey’s customers believe not just in looking good,

but feeling good with what they wear. Standing out and expressing themselves. They feel the value in the years of the garment and accessories, and the satisfaction of their contribution to the Planet.

SAN Dina & Dess Balloon Mini Dress Sarobey

In Sarobey Clothing, each collection is acquired from a different city around the world

where each garment is personally handpicked not only for its beauty and uniqueness, but for the benefit it serves to that country’s community. Our high quality clothing and accessories can be used for any occasion.

Through the quick rotation of stock and the fast-moving, boho, hipster, and vibrant consumer in mind, who live casual and comfortable lifestyles, we handpick urban, trendy, tropical and contemporary styles with a touch of vintage and retro.

We provide customers affordable clothing that will last due to being made of sturdier fabrics from current or previous decades having superior construction compared to today’s fast-fashion garments.

Sarobey intends to honor the human and natural resources involved in the garment life cycle by extending it through recycling, thus reducing the impact on the environment. In addition, Sarobey strives to help people dedicated to the conservation of resources including recycled fashion movements, sustainability events, fair trade, and pro-environmental and social responsibility education.

Our efforts derive from the wish of contributing to

globalization, especially underdeveloped hardworking communities involved in the creation and distribution of the garments.

Buying recycled fashion is been green. Second hand clothing is considered an environmentally preferred source of apparel acquisition because it extends the lifetime of the garment and decreases the need for manufacturing new clothing, contributing to resources conservation and creating less waste.

Sarobey is an online re-retail store helping minimize pollution, congestion, waste and resources while remaining accessible from anywhere in the world. In Sarobey, “we intend to unify the world with love and music, travel and culture through global ethical-fashion”.

Created with love,
Mia A Irizarry, CGBP
Twin on Mission 11:11∞